Diskpart commands to create a Bootable USB stick – Installing Windows 10 from USB

When installing Windows 10 from a USB it is necessary to copy the extracted ISO to a bootable device. Create the bootable media (USB) by entering the following commands at an elevated command prompt:


List Disk

Select Disk X (Where X is the disk with the amount of space that matches your removable media)

Clean (wipes the drive)

Format FS=NTFS Quick (If creating a stick for Surface Devices this will change to FS=Fat32)

Create Partition Primary

Active (Marks it as bootable)

Assign (Give it a drive letter)

Diskpart allows you to shorten most of the commands to just three letters so the following will also work


Lis Dis

Sel Dis 1


Format FS=NTFS Quick




For more drive layouts using DiskPart refer to :

Recommended UEFI-Based Disk-Partition Configurations

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